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asylum 626 Asylum 626

asylum 626

Do you remember the game Hotel 626? The horror game, which about a year ago caused a stir? Well, the makers of Hotel 626 have created a follow up sequel that is still as frightening as the original game. Asylum 626 is the name of the whole combined creation of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners produced.

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play asylum 626

If you are wondering what Asylum 626 is about, read on. As with hotel 626, Asylum 626 is a frightening environment, in which the player seems to hardly be able to make an escape. Horror video sequences are interspersed with different tasks, where players must intervene and overcome the challenges in order to get ahead. The scenes are cut very quickly and are succeeding in scaring the toughest players around the globe.

Asylum 626 is an improvement to it’s predecessor on shock effects and bring interaction onto even Facebook and Twitter. An absolute horror adventure that this time still reach quite a high point game experience. Give it a try and see whether you like it. Let’s see how far you come … and when you can no longer bear the noise of the chainsaw.

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One year later, an ultra fine escape game sequel is finally out. I believe those who have played the Hotel 626 still remember that game, the entire live action, music and atmosphere are done to render the extreme environment, the experience make this one of the most perfect game online. According to the original style of the game, the player must be enterting from 18:00 to 6:00 this time before they can play doritos asylum 626.

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The game starts with the protagonist waking up to find that they have been firmly tied to a bed, and became the human subjects of researchers and in this the process again and again, the protagonist’s awareness become blurred, and each fuzzy scene is interspersed with a little game. Asylum 626 require players to decode the game tips to progress the game smoothly.

The Asylum 626 plot is much like that of a horror movie, with the slashing, screaming, creepy music and blood that are expected all spread throughout the game.  The interactive features bring a much more personal experience  than even what Hotel 626 brought to the table.

This year, Asylum 626 gameplay feels more like a movie that you can interact with and less like a game. Whether that is a positive or negative will be up to each player, personally I found the overall gaming experience of Asylum 626 as good as the previous one.

Indeed one of the most disturbing aspects of Asylum 626 is that you get to experience via the first person view, doctors shoving tubes right down your mouth! This results in crazy dreams sequences and strange moments that i won’t spoil for anyone. But that’s not the end of it all, the doctors also take a buzz saw to your skull, defintely not for the faint of heart.

Compared to the original, asylum 626 is a larger game in several elements, so it is advised to be patient for the loading time, but the game’s quality is definitely worth waiting for. Also the game is set from 6 pm to 6 am for opening up this time, but do not worry if you do not wish to wait until 6pm to start play. Just like previously with Hotel 626, if players’re afraid to play it during the night, it can be skipped by modifying the system time.

doritos asylum 626 Asylum 626

doritos asylum 626

Asylum 626 Tip: It’s recommended for players to open the webcam and microphone for the full experience. For the MM-DD-YY, respectively, enter the month of birth, date, and year, then at the last point click on the ACCEPT TERMS- you are now ready tostart the game. The best time to play is at night if you want to truely feel the rush of the Asylum 626 game. Depending on the game scene using the mouse to control the main character is essential.

The effect inside the trailer is really good, there is the feeling of watching 1080P movies. The movie like sequence were filmed with a cast of 30 actors over 3 locations, Facebook and twitter were smoothly integrated into this year game-play and this helps to further blur the line between reality and virtual gaming.  In fact Asylum 626 Facebook feature will mess around with your friends and the friendships!  That’s all i’ll reveal.

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doritos asylum 626

Asylum 626 ending is definitely well planned and creative, so credit to the production team.  For online buzz, Doritos are defintely paving the way forward for advertising companies, One of the unintentionally funny moment occur when I discovered that a bag of Doritos chips was one of the required aspect of escaping the asylum .

If there’s one thing that would have been very cool to see, it would been intergrating Facebook photos of the players and friends from the photo album into the game!

This conclude the Asylum 626 review, share your thoughts about the game in the comments below.

 Asylum 626
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