Best Time To Sleep

According to the ancient Chinese scholars, the Chinese Royal Family was obsessed with longevity and health including Best Time To Sleep. This led to years of studies by the scholars and wise men in the field of medical science and health.

One of the most interesting studies which might have led to the infamous phrase “There’s a time for everything.” was that there are optimal  timing in the 24 hours for certain activity. Here are the results of these studies and they were used by the Chinese Royal Family for years secretly.

Best Time To Sleep

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What really is the Best Time To Sleep?  11pm to 1am, the best time to sleep is this 2 hour period and modern scientific studies seem to be supporting this theory. Scientist researching the best time to sleep have found data that indicate this period is when the body is producing the highest level of growth and regenerative hormones. Not only that, this also means that you will be getting better sleep quality if you turned in at this period.

If you still don’t understand why this contribute to making 11pm-1am the best time to sleep, think about quality sleep over quantity sleep over quantity sleep. Have you ever slept 10 hours from 3am and woke up still feeling tired?  On the other hand, if you had turned in earlier, you often end up sleeping lesser but feeling more refresh.  Therefore, knowing when is the best time to sleep is important for optimal lifestyle and freshness.

And the best time to wake up?

5am to 7am. This is the timing where our body is in the process of cleaning up the digestive system, eliminating toxic and waste products from our system. Consuming of light and healthy drinks during this period is also recommended to aid the digestive process.

Naturally we move on to breakfast. Breakfast is best consumed at  7am- 9am. There have been many studies about the importance of a good breakfast to your learning and energy system not to mention stopping you from overeating later in the day.

Some people will wonder why they have no desire to eat even a few hours after waking up, say at 11pm, which means they have not had any food for close to 18 hours, that is because your body has entered a state of survival mode protection and not because you are not hungry. You will feel little appetite to eat and then a few hours later you will feel like you can eat a whole cow.

So take your breakfast on time. It’s that simple.

At this point your body has gone without food for 12 hours at least (assuming you had dinner the previous evening), therefore you should take food that are light to slowly ease the digestive system into the new food.

I never get people who wake up and have a big breakfast of fried meat and milk. That is the a awful way to shock your body when it is suppose to be removing the waste from your body.

Next you move on to lunch. Anytime between 12pm to 2pm is ideal as your body is in the period where it is ready to take food, and anything you eat during this period will last you long enough until the evenings because the body is able to make use of the energy of the food consumed better.

People who have “Tea break” and stuff themselves silly with cakes and breads? Probably missed their breakfast and lunches.

And if you had lunch, it is a good idea to take  a nap if possible, ideally around 20 to 30 minutes. In fact,  even 10 minutes have worked wonders for me. A small nap from the period of 11am to 1pm has the double benefit of letting your brain reorganize it’s data and repairing your body from tiredness and stress.

Some people have also claimed that naps done during this time from 11am to 1pm (assuming you woke up normally of course) is equals to twice the effect of sleeping at night although i can’t confirm this, i admit it is likely based on my napping experiences.

Now if you are learning something, then at 3pm to 5pm, that is your best time for optimal memory and learning capabilities. This is due to our biological clock. which takes time to warm up before reaching a optimal level of operation. Think of it like a car warming up, only that the human body reaches it’s peak 8 hours after waking up. Therefore this timing of 3pm to 5pm is valid if you had woke up at 7am, which is what most people do.

Lastly, if you are ready for some recreational activity in the bedroom with your spouse, the optimal timing is 9pm to 11pm. This is supported by scientific studies that showed that couples have had the highest rate of conceiving babies when “working” during this period.

PS: You don’t have to last the full two hours, if you are wondering…..

There you have it, a insightful look into the lifestyle of the ancient Chinese Royal Family and the results of years of research by their scholars and advisors about the best time to sleep, learn, eat and even make love!

Use these lifestyle tips for your daily activities and observe how it works. Remember there is no one size fit all in many cases, and some people may achieve great results while others may not so Best Time To Sleep will depend on each person.

 Best Time To Sleep
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pokechild says:

“Hey, is it ok if I sleep at 11 PM and wake up at 1 AM. Then, sleep at 3 AM and wake up again at 5 AM?” -Wonka Lla

If u intend to sleep in short bursts, perhaps u can try the uberman sleep. Uberman s sleeping 20-30 minutes in one cycle….i’ll do a piece on it soon.

Meanwhile, for normal sleeping, the average person need 90 minutes (could be 75, 80 depending on each person) to complete one sleep cycle. That means completing all the stages of sleep including REM.

I personally believe that sleep has more mental benefits than physical for most people. I wouldn’t recommend what you planned mainly because you will have problems getting to sleep at 3am after being awake for 2 hours. Then that’ll screw up the rest of your sleep.

Wonk Lla says:

Hey, is it ok if I sleep at 11 PM and wake up at 1 AM. Then, sleep at 3 AM and wake up again at 5 AM?

Wonk Lla says:

Nice piece.

muslim lady says:

hi! great work….most of this actually is the same as i was taught as a young child…well besides the sex part(i suppose i was a bit too young)…put the midday nap and getting to bed way before midnight… early rising is recommended but i am a bit lazy in that area….:(

it brings me joy to see that some things just make sense regardless of creed and religious belief…. I guess its just the truth..plain and simple.

Be blessed!!

Martin says:

As an atheist this is an interesting article. Having free will obliges me to get up when I want. Have sex when I want, and yes, sleep when I want. How I thank myself that I’m peaceful…

meepers says:

This is fascinating. Is there anywhere I can find and read these studies to learn more about the royal family rituals?

fyi says:

actually even though this are scientifically proven, it has also been a fact that muslims are obligated to pray 5 times daily startin from before the sun rises, at noon, at the evening , at dusk and at night and each prayer consumes around 3-7 mins mostly. it helps keep our body clean and healthy with minor exercises.

how i thank god i’m a muslim.. a peace loving one..

jb says:

Great article, very insightful look into our lifestyle habits.

ana says:

Laur maybe if you read the whole article you would see that in the end it says:
“Use these lifestyle tips for your daily activities and observe how it works. Remember there is no one size fit all in many cases, and some people may achieve great results while others may not.”

the next time you want to criticize just for the sake of it at least read the whole thing so you don’t end up looking like an idiot

very interesting text

Laur says:

Do you think the human body is a robot? You can’t make a schedule and think it aplies to all people. The human body adapts depending on each other’s activity, so all the time moments you mentioned (for hotmone secretions and stuff like this) vary from a person to another…

What happens when we change from summer hour to winter hour? :) (just to see that your theory is not valid)