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The Chucky Movies List for the  most well known and popular doll killer of the Hollywood horror movie genre. If you are a fan of Chucky and the Child Play Movies,  then take a trip down memory lane as we review all the Chucky Movies in order.

Chucky Movies Part 1

child play 1 movie Chucky Movies

When the serial killer Charles Lee Ray is about to die in a shootout with the police who is mortally wounded, he transfers his soul through voodoo magic into a toy doll inside a toy store. Then a young kid named Andy gets the little birthday present of this very same toy doll. Soon, he is always connected with the eerie series of murders that occurs.

We kick off with the Chucky Movies box set with the original that started the popularity of the series. What then was my childhood Boogeyman, thanks to the scary doll and probably the best film of the Chucky movies series that proves to be alarmingly good even now with goosebumps moments along with “strip and shocking cult element.  I’m really seen quite a lot of brutal and disgusting horror films, but this exceeds all I know … except for a nasty movie (”The Exorcist”) but this is one of the first time on films where a small doll human controlled spirit goes on a killing spree.

Chucky Movies Part 2

child play 2 movie Chucky Movies

Chucky the killer doll is back with the third Chucky Movies! The toy factory has him incautiously repaired, and now he drives back to mischief: evil and mean, always eager to drive his fellow men to their deaths. For behind the beautiful doll’s face is in fact a mass murderer Last Day. Again, he has it in for the little Andy. To get at the boy, but Chucky has to only get a few adults out of the picture. And whoever gets into murderous Chucky doll path, dies no easy death …

The second part of the Chucky Movies film series is a bit better than the first. The plot is a little faster and the editing is not as rough as in as the first part. Especially the scene with Miss Kettlewell is “funny”. This time,  little Andy is also not fighting alone until the end of the film with Chucky, but receives help from his step-sister. And Chucky comes across better in this part. Towards the end there is a epic showdown to end the conflict.

Conclusion: A better continuation of a first part of the Chucky Movies that you could do well to look at. Highly recommended.

Chucky Movie Part 3

child play 3 movie Chucky Movies

It’s been eight years since Andy Barclay took out the mass murderer Charles Lee Ray who lives in the shell of the killer doll Chucky. Meanwhile, Andy is 16 years old and enrolled in the strict Kent Military School to forget his horrible childhood. But in vain! With horror, Andy find hat Chucky lives and has followed him to the Military School. This was one when the series started going downhill as the story between Chucky and Andy felt disconnected and repetitive.  Recommend to pass on this one unless you are a die hard fan of the Chucky Movies series.

Bride Of Chucky Movies

bride of chucky Chucky Movies

bride of chucky movie Chucky Movies

Chucky and his bride, Tiffany are two dolls in search of human bodies. After his release of his dead doll body from custody of the police by his girlfriend, the couple end up in a argument over their relationship. Chucky proceed to transfer his lover into a female doll body and they are both locked up in the doll’s bodies again. Bride of Chuky is a more comedy than horror as the Chucky Movies series takes a fun twist to the story of Chucky the Killer Doll. Chucky crude sayings, his laughter and how nasty he gets encourage more laughter, as it also creeps you.

From horror film that inspired a young person to commit murder and to a funny slapstick movie, this trivial comedy has high trash factor while still being memorable..  A good piece of work that can not quite decide between horror and comedy but the ending is definitely creepy and gross. The old Chucky movies were better though for horror movie fans.

Bride of Chucky Movie Cast

Director Ronny Yu
Writer Don Mancini
Producer Don Mancini
David Kirschner
Camera Peter Pau

Jennifer Tilly Tiffany
Brad Dourif Chucky
Katherine Heigl Jade
Nick Stabile Jesse
Alexis Arquette Damien
Gordon Michael Woolvett David
John Ritter Chief Warren Kincaid
Lawrence Dane Lieutenant Preston
Michael Johnson Norton
James Galla Derse Russ
Janet Kidder Diane
Vince Corazza Bailey
Kathy Najimy Motel Maid
Park Bench Stoner

Seed of Chucky Movie

seed of chucky movie Chucky Movies

Once the bloodthirsty killer doll,  Chucky now fathered with their equally crazy bride Tiffany a son, Glen. The, now orphaned, makes his way to Hollywood, where they are  filming a movie about the death-dealing adventures of his parents (urban legends about the Chucky Movies). And as befits a good son, the producer of the movie brought Glen unceremoniously back to life. A bad idea, as it turns out, for father and mother, and to the horror of the offspring begin immediately with a new killer tour.

When Chucky looks to face it all and take the boy under his wing, even with the peaceful nature of his son’s, as expected, it is the wrong house for Glen. Tiffany contrast, hovers in the seventh heaven when she learns who plays the main role in the film version of her life: your favorite actress Jennifer Tilly. And then the small but beautiful doll family soon know more detail than she is … in the the fifth part of the Chucky series Don Mancini, the author of all previous parts of the Chucky Movies, make his directorial debut.

The Hollywood setting is unattractive, since the film is almost exclusively set in Tilly’s house playing and was shot accordingly in Romania, and with insider jokes that you would miss easily: Ed Wood-references are for insiders only and the rest of the jokes are considerably unintelligible anyway. Seed of Chucky at times feel almost like a parody of the entire Chucky Movies series. The killings are hearty, but poorly placed in the limelight, and the amazing loquacity of the puppet  jumping several feet beyond the limits of possibility makes it hard to take the film seriously.

The potential of a horror figure is finite. With Don Mancini,  it was only a question of whether Chucky was to tread the path of a Freddy Krueger would: Enough creepiness to make the absurd bloody shocker and slapstick comedy translate to the audience? Nope. The fear is gone out of the fearsome killer doll which was initially an almost perfectly ordinary doll, because there was more to laugh at than to murder, Seed of Chucky has to be considered a poor edition for the Chucky Movies.

Child Play 6 (2011)

Works are in place for a reboot version of the Child Play Movies which will be based on the first Child Play movie and it is scheduled to be released in 2011 with the producers hoping to return to the horror and dark tones that started the series. You can find Chucky Movies For sale online at Amazon and Ebay stores.

 Chucky Movies
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