Hex Empire

Very few online games can rival what the Hex Empire game offers to players. This is a turn strategy-based game in which the objective of the game is to attack and conquer other cities while retaining as much of your army as possible. So far, there are two modes of this game that have been released.
Hex Empire Hex Empire
Many of its players give the game Hex Empire a big thumbs up when it comes to entertainment and adventure.

This means that the creators put a lot of thought into the game, winning many fans over. The game has very simple rules to use, and these are in-built into the game.

The first edition of Hex Empire was very popular with gamers and thus 2 more sequels have been released with updated maps and features.
hex empire 2 Hex Empire
Hex Empire 2
In this sequel game, the player is supposed to conquer the capitals of other kingdoms using their army. There are 46 different games, and one can choose the game on flash.

There are many strategies employed by players to move from one stage to another. You, however, need to try your own strategy to get what works best for you.
hex empire 3 Hex Empire
Hex Empire 3
This game is more advanced than its predecessor Hex 2. There are more stages and more cities to conquer. It is made even more interesting and challenging by the various additional weapons that you are given.

Hex Empire Maps
The maps of all the kingdoms which you are supposed to capture are given in the game. Unlike real-life maps which are irregularly shaped and difficult to read, Hex empire maps are shaped in hexagons, and the terrain is not rough.
hex empire maps Hex Empire
This makes it easy to navigate through Hex Empire games, and as long as you have a solid strategy, you will find it easy to conquer the cities belonging to other kingdoms. However, be careful, there are enough traps to make it easy for your enemies to capture you easily as well.

Hex Empire Cheats
There is a difference between a winning strategy and cheating. Cheats are people who use loopholes in the game to get ahead without much effort. Instead of coming up with ways that will creatively conquer other cities, cheats just look for ways to use loopholes in the game to conquer. They are usually very smart and experienced in playing games, so they know where the weak points of the game are, and utilize it.

Hex Empire Hacked Game
All online gamers have experienced such activities. These are intelligent people who are very knowledgeable in the internet and computers in general. They get into systems and programs in a bid to disable them. Hex hackers have managed to get into the game, and manipulate a lot of things, to the detriment of honest players. They are closely related to the cheats mentioned above.

Hex Empire Strategy
There are many strategies to be employed while playing Hex. For instance, you do not have to crowd your whole army together in one place; you can put them in clusters and spread them over a much wider area. This way, if you are ambushed and part of your army is defeated, you still have other clusters to continue fighting.

However, if all your army is together in one place and you are attacked, you might not be left with a single one standing. Therefore, spread rather than crowd your army is the best strategy to use.

Thanks for reading the article on the Hex Empire Games Series, have fun playing it online and stay tuned for more updates.

 Hex Empire
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