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In our previous article about Hotel 626 we introduce everyone to the Hotel 626 Game where you are stuck into the horror hotel.  Hotel 626 game can be complicated and this page serve to give a better knowledge and playing skill of the game. When Hotel 626 Game is accessed, the website is set to be open only from 6pm to 6 am . All you need to do is reset your computer timing t0 anytime between 6pm to 6am and you will be able to enter hotel 626 story immediately every time. Another detailed Hotel 626 Walkthrough version has also been posted for those needing some help and tips for the game.

Once you enter the website successfully, basic registration information needs to be filled out, like name, email, a password, and option of whether or not to allow the Hotel 626 Game to use the webcam from your computer. The webcam? Yes the webcam from your computer would come into use during the later stages of Hotel 626 Game.
hotel 626 Hotel 626 Game | Hotel 626 Code

Level :1

An intro movie where there is no action taken; this level focus on the intro movie and that would then take you the second level of Hotel 626 Game.  Straight forward level as you quickly progress onto the next stage.

Level 2:

At the next level of Hotel 626 Game, is where you would start moving down a hallway with lots of doors. When looking  at all the doors, look out for one which stands out from the rest of them. This door would be to the left hand side for you. There should a glowing sign, click on that sign on the door to exit. The player should be quick on this level, because there’s big surprise of a ghostly thing waiting to harass you.

Level 3:

This level of starts  to unfold the increased tension and difficulty. In this level of the hotel 626 game there is girl who walking there , the player should take pictures of her with a camera to pass the stage, the pictures taken should be in close proximity of the girl. She actually moves a lot faster than you realise so you should take pictures while moving with the camera fast, to keep her in the frame and capture that shot.

hotel6261 300x225 Hotel 626 Game | Hotel 626 Code

Level 4:

The Hotel 626 level 4 will have a stairwell which will lead downstairs, and of course this part of hotel 626 game is when the game pace becomes much quicker. When the last door is taken on your right, you would hit the bottom. Here at this juncture, you should try to be quick and escape or be end up dead in Hotel 626 Game. Simply click to go through the door and advance the Hotel 626 Game.

Level 5:

This is level is the most enjoyable level in the Hotel 626 Game. Have you ever played music to a child to keep him asleep? In this level of the Hotel 626 Game, you have to play music from a music box in order to keep the hotel 626 baby( demon spawn from hell) from waking up and eating your soul. Note that the music played should not be loud or the baby would be stirred.

Once you get out of the baby’s room within Hotel 626 Game, you have to be very quiet or else the baby would wake up! Keep the little ball icon you see on your game screen towards the middle. Do not let the ball icon go too far left or right as this means you are making loud footsteps and you would wake up the baby. This level is one of the most trickiest part of the entire hotel 626 game.

Level 6:

This hotel 626 level 6 is another part of the Hotel 626 Game which has movie scene in it. Pretty straight forward like in the first level. Enjoy the video (it’s pretty slick) and move on to the next level.

Level 7:

This  level of Hotel 626 Game is difficult to master and really tough to get out as you face the hotel 626 code madman. What you need to get out of this hotel 626 crazy man code stage is focus on listening to the voices in the room. The voice would need to be heard very clearly as this voice would speak about three keywords that will correspond to the pictures on the wall.

You need to crank the volume of the speakers up to hear him clearly for the hotel 626 code level 7. Also you only have 2 attempts to get the hotel 626 door code stage 7 right or else the old man will have other plans for you…

When the keywords are spoken, the words would indicate some things related to the picture on the wall of the Hotel 626 Game , pay attention to some of the objects that are indicated on the picture and then you will get the  key code in numbers. After getting this hotel 626 key code, you then enter them in the keypad to exit the room and move on to the next level of Hotel 626 Game.

hotel6 300x169 Hotel 626 Game | Hotel 626 Code

Level 8: If you have activated your webcam for Hotel 626 Game, your picture has already been taken at the start without your knowledge, so LOOK FOR YOUR PICTURE, and click on it. IF not look for a picture of the hallway like the screenshot. To scroll through the line of photos, click on the behind pictures,

Hurry up because someone’s coming in and the row of pictures will only speed up if you dont’ hurry to escape Hotel 626 Game.

Hotel 626 Level 9: This is a cool cutscene in Hotel 626 Game when you end up not answering the phone, before a loud voice goes off warning you to LISTEN if you want to live. So perk up and listen to him, follow his instructions to escape the hallway. eg if the voice says left, go left. ( use your mouse as always ) MORE THAN ONE MISTAKE equates to your demise in Hotel 626 Game. Being reactive and  alert is the key here.

Level 10:

Once you arrived in level 10, give yourself a pat as you have successfully completed the Hotel 626 Game. You will be shown the final cut scene where there is a twist. Congratulation! You have checked out of the Hotel, you get into the car and you would find someone on the back seat. That’s it as you ride off on the tails of a horror adventure in the Hotel 626 Game. Of course you are also welcome to revisit Hotel 626 for another stay…..

So the above are the Hotel 626 Game instruction for this free online game. Hotel 626 Game should now be easier to play through with these set of instructions to guide you.

 Hotel 626 Game | Hotel 626 Code
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julius says:

the code is 389 promise its 389 ^_^

kelvin says:

fck! i spent almost 1 hr at level 7 !! grrRrR !! make an official CODE !! it is hard !!

[DB]paramOre says:




483 = LMAO !!

anonymous says:

“Spider, Hands, Candles.”

The code is 894

ashey says:

the code is 348-348, 348-348. . ..

Elayd Mercado says:


joshua says:

scared very scared i never play hotel 626 because my age is only 9 that is the purpose i very scared

di ko nilalaro baka nakakatakot e

Devourment says:


Timi says:

so, i have no idea what the code is. the same thing is said every time and it either says “eyes” or “small eyes” every time. do i listen to the guy who sounds like a ghost or the guy right next to me? someone please answer.

karizmatikz says:

the for elevator is 438 and 934 that is the simpliest code

lobelle says:

i want to try hotel626 but i’m scared,while so i researched first about hotel 626…i thougth hotel 626 is not scary when i heard a friendly song while loading the hotel 626…but im scared when i saw a ghost..whew

Ann says:

definitely cheeze! :) nice game. i finished and enjoyed the game. the code in actual very easy. of every. guys, just pay a little more antention. cu!

Hey 626 Fans This Is True I promise The Code Is 348 No Need For Explaination so just Click On it

macmac says:


rachelscared says:

Still in level 8

JILL says:

its so scaryyyyy , eeeekk

BlahBlah says:

I have this code: 38/*/58/*/. Well.. the ‘*’ I don’t which number is :/ SHIT! I JUST NEED THOSE TWO! >_<

rae says:

the code depends on what the madman said.. you have to listen carefully to him.

Madman says:

sus hapos

Byakuya-Sama says:

the problem for lvl 7 is,we cnt even listen to what is he saying…even i put the volume to highest,hes just like talking nonsense =.=”

Kevin Ramirez says:

answer is 839.//sure this is the answer in stage 7 door code

Proximus24 says:

The number code is 839 ;)

Arjayberg says:

people…. are.. so dumb… analyze the.. instructions lolz…. turn on ur… speaker or headset…….. you will hear 3 code… but not in numbers…

Background voice is saying three words from this words (spider , horse, candles, tree, hands).
Horse = 3
Spider = 8
Hands = 9
Candles = 4
Tree = 4
just listen the voice in order….

Example… the sound says… (horse, hands, spider)
soo.. the.number code will be…. (3 , 9, 8)

Please listen… you.. dumb moron…… and.. follow instructions….

violentlyhapi4 says:

hehehehe………….^__-….wanna checK in?



But its 8-3-9.

The horse only had 3 legs, not four. And the hands were missing a finger that made it 9.

Hotel 626 rocks.

pain says:

the ans. is 493 i’m sure

LOUIE says:

HORSE CANDLE SPIDER oi! taka man mo. hehehe.

the code is 3,4,8!

ksabot panget? yeah! ur beautiful. hehehe


Qiu Tang says:

the door code is vry hard…i cant listen the sound was say by the man~~!!

dania says:

after filling the form(name,dob etc),
what do I have to do…
anyone,tell me!!!!!!

puzz lover says:

my mind says that the hotel 626 is not actually scary it is just testing you………
by the way I like hotels in the world…………
it really changes my fear…………
on December 22, 2009 its my turn to listen to the game………..

good luck to me………………..

Jacqueline says:

i cant even clear level 5):

johnathan says:

The Code is 8-4-9.

marz says:

i skipped level 7 of course..i’ve checked out the hotel now..hahaha!!the pictures are soo funny,its stil loading thousand pix right now,i can’t believe so many people are playing this..might as well be back to level 1,i find this game amusing i wasn’t frightened at all..don’t like my picture though..bleh

damjan says:

code – 983

Jubbles says:

There is no generic code for every single one, its different in each game. You need to listen to the whispering voice and the different icons he’s saying, you then input the code in that order…

For instance he says… Spider, Candles, Hands. Its… 8, 4, 9. etc..

Roknar says:

just listen to him, and pay attention at the pictures…
he said:
got it??

Maiko says:

The code changes everytime you reset the game (or level). You have to pay attention to what the madman says. For example, spider means ‘8’. There will be 8 red lines extending from the spider’s legs on the drawing on the wall. Like wise, there will be red lines on the roots of the tree, etc. This is a tricky level; you have to really pay attention to what the madman is saying, if not then you would just die a horrible death. Same goes for the level where you have to listen to a phone call. Listen carefully as you follow the directions, as there’s some black horrible thing chasing you so you have to be quick if you don’t want to end up dead. :) Enjoy the game!

” i don’t like this game but i lke the graphics of it!!! so high quality!!! “

tojamboree says:

the code is gofucckyrself.

ABC says:

the code for level 7–9(hands),3(horse),8(spider)

kimberlee says:

whatzzz da code!!! pls.

aa says:

you have to listen at the madman…for example, there is a spider, two hands, a horse paint on the wall….that’s the code!

michael says:

LVL7–listen to the madman is saying, im pretty sure it was, FINGERS(9),nails(4) & horse(3)…code is 943 when i played the game..

LVL8–just click your pic (if you enabled the cam at the start of the game) if not then click the hallway pic.. easy yet thers a time limit

LVL9–just listen which way to turn to..

Crab says:

394 code door

someone says:

Hand Spider horse

simona says:

no one knows the code its a mistery you must to try more times f you have luck you may save your ass.

ain martin says:

its nice game ahuhhh
ilike that baby

elle says:

huhuh :( who knows the code at level 7? i can’t really hear the madman..plsss….

HollowRul says:

I can’t really heard what the madman said..He just talk in a different language,eh?

ken says:

just have to look out for horse hand and tree, and thats the code!!!

Marcin says:

Code to level 7 is 839

D2 says:

Fool… the code is what the voice whispers. Listen to it…

doodie says:

finally got it right. you just have to REALLY listen to the insane guy as he recites the order of the code to enter. the code can be deciphered by counting the images with reds…

Indra says:

this game so easy to finish it…… i have done… GG tq

pryc says:

is that reali so scary

Mystery says:

Q: i don’t get the code!
A: the code is “893”
Q: how you know it’s 893?
A: listen closely to the madman. he say “spider, hands, horse”
1. spider on the wall has 8 legs, so first code is “8”
2. hands on the wall has 9 fingers, so second code is “9”
3. horse on the wall has 3 legs, so third (last) code is “3”

Q: i don’t get the photos!
A: just click your photo. the photo is on your web cam. if you don’t
use web cam, click photo that has no picture on it

Jamboree says:

what’s the code for the ******* code!
what’s the code for the ******* code!!what’s the code for the ******* code!!!!

er says:

please someone post the code for lvl7

Mikee says:

I don’t get the photoss!

A'an says:

i still don’t know how to get through level 8

Lord_Nikon says:

when u get the option to input code, listen the words that the madman is saying (spider, tree etc..)

Jon says:

Cool, but i still don’t know the code at level 7.