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If you are into scary and horror games, we would recommend you to check out a refreshing new concept known as the world’s most terrifying  web games with the Hotel 626 walkthrough . In this article, we’ll provide the Hotel 626 answers that players will be curious to know. The Hotel 626 online game uses screen cinematic and simulation models, starting from waking up in a pre-room inn, a soul-stirring night, covered with cold sweat, cold winds blows as your escape journey begins. You are now about to be introduced to the strange monsters of the Hotel 626 flash game during the Hotel 626 Walkthrough Guide.

hotel 626 Hotel 626 Walkthrough

Before you do check out the Hotel 626 Walkthrough, players need to learn some basic information about the game. This is an adventure, but there is a special provision game setting, players can only be playing from 6 pm to 6 am. Once outside of this time period, the game will be stopped before progressing into the next day of the game. (if you guess it, this is why the number “626” is indicated in the title of the game).

Hotel 626 Walkthrough Tip: Of course, if the player adjust the time setting on their computer to local time 18:00, they can login into the game, but playing at night is more of a terrifying atmosphere (timid players rejoice! )

The Hotel 626 Walkthrough start with  the registration process that begins with the process of booking a hotel room, because of the horror content of the game, the player’s age should be at least 18 years of age.  The frightening journey is about to begin! ! Let’s get on with the Hotel 626 Help Guide for the ten levels.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough Tip: Make sure the player adjust the headset to fine tune their own volume, because as the screen transitions, there will be background music to make the co-simulation level very realistic. Visual angle of the game is from the player’s perspective, the gift of first person horror gaming.

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Hotel 626 Walkthrough Prelude: You wake up in bed in his room, hallway strange screams, get dressed, go out and start the adventure.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 1st Level: You jump into the corridor running and see the blanket of darkness fled into the room on the right for a quick completion of this stage of the Hotel 626 Walkthrough.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 2nd level: You must have a photo taken with the ghost, you have to capture with the camera to her face by targeting a few click of the mouse. The ghost moves like a shadow so be fast and accurate. The number of shots to get the photo is limited to around 4-5 times , just ensure that the photograph taken is a ghost headshot avatar to finish this stage of the Hotel 626 Walkthrough easily.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 3rd Level: Similar to the first level as dark shadows surround you before you make the escape from the right hand side of the door.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 4th Level: Inside the baby room, the kid is the cradle of deep sleep so you must let it continue to go to sleep, don’t wake it up! See the bottom of the screen after the prompt shake the mouse, let the music box to continue to hypnosis the baby to sleep so that you can advance this level smoothly.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 5th Level: still the same room, the goal is not to wake the devil child of hotel 626 (not fun to wake it). After the prompt below carefully move the mouse to maintain balance, the goal is to make the sure the scale is keep within the central scale to progress this stage of the Hotel 626 Walkthrough.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 6th Level: Once you are out of the door, you are knocked out, maybe it is the kid who did it, who knows? The related cut scenes play, you just have to watch it to move on to next level.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 7th Level: The most difficult stage of hotel 626 for many players as you are being dragged into the chamber together with the crazy mad man, (in this stage, the game requires players to have some listening ability in English, because of the need to obtain hotel 626 password).

Hotel 626 Walkthrough  “He Know The Way” Tip: The key to get the hotel 626 door code password prompt to listen to the background sound, and then find the corresponding wall of graffiti that has the password displayed. The Chamber of Secrets …listen carefully and see the background wall corresponding to the hotel 626 password prompt. Difficulty lies in that each of the tips are not the same and totally random.

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Hotel 626

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 8th Level: This is another very creative stage with hanging pictures of the players around the world as they are frightened and had their photos taken, so feel free to explore if you are not in a rush for time. Find a hotel corridor image click to the next level of the Hotel 626 Walkthrough.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 9th Level: After the white flash, it’s back to the corridor, in front of a phone. This time the players have to listen to the phone to get the prompt direction for escape of hotel 626. Listen to the key words like, Right or Left and you will complete this stage of the Hotel 626 Walkthrough.

Hotel 626 Walkthrough 10th Level: This is the Hotel 626 ending animation movie. Like most horror films, in the end, as you start the car, you discover the ghost on the back seat…..

Interested players can now take a deep breath, you have reach the end of the Hotel 626 Walkthrough. Perhaps you would like to restart your adventure! !  If you are timid but cherish a pure curiosity of the game play, take a look at the Hotel 626 pictures. Once again, timid players have been warned through the Hotel 626 Walkthrough.

 Hotel 626 Walkthrough
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Ryan says:

Had a MAJOR glitch with Level 7, would only say one word so I could never get the code. Tried even the same number tree times, no dice. Really ticked me off….

chirs says:

what ever you do dont go to the asylum. the movie is scary and boring trust me i watched it. i prefer play hotel 626 its a lot funner. trust me

raponcel says:

bakit ba Hotel 626!

Raine says:

Hotel 626 sick ass game…:)