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Hotel 626 is one of the latest phenomena sweeping cyberspace this Halloween and we take a look at what’s the big fuss in the hotel 626 review. What is Hotel 626 actually? Hotel 626 the online haunted game is a free online game with various levels. Hotel 626 is essentially a flash horror game from the most unlikely source – Frito-Lay’s. The hotel 626 flash game can only be played from the hours of 6pm to 6am, the source of the game’s name. It is done in a first person point-of-view.

The Hotel 626 game is not suitable for children, the creators have also recognized this and installed a rather half-hearted security measure. The hotel 626 manual game clock can be play only between the time of 06:00pm and 06:00am at the time of the query. However you can change the start of the system time to a time in the 12 hour period and you can play the game during the day (do not forget to reset). The aim of the game is to escape from the Hotel and the best thing is you can play hotel 626 free.
You have to make quick decisions and stay calm in order not to die. This hotel 626 horror game immerse the player in real time and only people with strong nerves should play this one.  For those playing in daylight and without a headset, you will only have half as much fun. Unfortunately, the game is very very short, but is still very worthwhile, especially because of the great quality and because Hotel 626 is free to play.
The basic of the Hotel 626 Plot is to explore the mysterious Hotel 626 to find a way out. Players have to outsmart ghosts and solve puzzles in order to escape the hotel. Failing to do so will result in a frightful death. The only ghost busting tools the player has are his mouse, web cam and microphone.
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Hotel 626 Game is made to look and feel like a dingy horror movie. Likewise, it has a lot of typical horror film elements. Monster babies, crazy madmen and ghosts popping out from no-where are all ingredients that add to the game’s flavour. Before dismissing the Hotel 626 game as a lame effort though, players need to realize what makes Hotel 626 flash game so scary in the first place – typical horror film elements work. It is nearly guaranteed to scare even the bravest of us.

Even with the lights on during the hotel 626 review, Hotel 626 game is still a thrilling and fun experience. Kudos to producers of the Hotel 626 website, Goodby, Silverstein and Partners  and B-Reel. The game really does its best to involve the use of the web cam, microphone and mouse creatively to solve puzzles in a refreshing way. This brings about the element of interactivity. Furthermore, innovative elements have also been incorporated. An example would be how the game takes pictures of the players via the web cam during scary parts of the game.

This is so that hotel 626 best players can keep a memento of their horror after they’re done with the Hotel 626 Game. The game even has the ability to measure at which point of the game was the player most scared, how cool is that? A very obvious drawback of the game is the game’s length. Hotel 626 levels can be completed as quickly as within 45 minutes. A game this good should be really be stretching the length of fear-inducing as much as possible. We look forward to a Hotel 626 sequel or an extended version of the game.

Another problem is the lack of directions in Hotel 626 play game. Players should be prepared to be bewildered at what they are supposed to do and why the ghosts keep managing to kill them. In a sense, the self-discovery adds to the fear and mystery of the game, but too much confusion just leads to frustration. Frito-Lay’s should be commended on this new form of marketing via making people play Hotel 626 scary game. It is truly a daring step to advertising that has not been explored by many.

Many people have commented on forums and blogs that they don’t see the link between Hotel 626 the game and Fritos Chips. There is an absence of brand identity, logos and even the typical colourful look and feel of Fritos. What many do not realize is that associating the two IS the link.

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Hotel626 photo

All over the web, people are all talking about being freaked out by the hotel 626 flash game phenomenon. Most of the time, they do not forget that Lays is the mastermind behind Hotel 626 online game. Advertising brands should sit up and take note of Hotel 626’s the online haunted game innovativeness, because as of now, they are all one-step behind.

If you are really interested to spend a night in Hotel 626 asylum,  clicking on the link  will take you there. As mentioned already, you will only be able to enter from 6pm – 6am (hence Hotel626 number code title, clever huh?) But if you can’t wait till that time, one trick to bypass this to change your PC time setting and then revisit the website.

Hotel 626 Game Review Conclusion :  The bottom line is that Hotel 626  registration is definitely not for the faint at heart, but great for those who are seeking to test their level of resistance to horror and for screaming together with your friends at your place on a boring week night or get together. An extended Hotel 626 Walkthrough is available for those who need hints for the game play.

Hotel 626 review Thinkbox: How would a extended PC version of Hotel 626 turn out?

 Hotel 626 | Hotel 626 Wiki
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niko says:

what is the code?? for lv 7 pls…

ellenoo says:

omg! this game is so totally freaky!!!
it’s still haunting my brain…

kimberlee says:

943 is the code………………………

ashley says:

i think the hardest part is the crazy man, the shocking part is the maid and i think the terrifying part is the baby…. i think the easiest part is the phone call thingy…….

lyle says:

you kidding ghosts just pop-up!!!!!! because of this game my headphone was destroyed!!!!!:( when the ghost shouted i quickly went to the c.r.
lol……..the wire for my headphone was ripped to death…..THANKS to this game

turtletube says:

im used on scary stuffs, but i cant stand playing it >__<
cant get pass the madman without skipping (i have skipped the ghost child)

i guess i’ll get back in next time

Northern Downpour says:

This game rocks!
It’s one of the few horror games that truly deserves the title

gadis says:

oh scare but give me informatoin of full website

kaitlyn says:

omg my brother did it to me and i almost shit myself

marie says:

woah i was told my by friend about this but i didnt really want to play but my brother wanted to. boy was i freaked out! i agree that this game is not for the faint at heart, so if you are, don’t play AT ALL. or you’ll be like john who is being haunted already. (no offense john) sa kay claire at clairelover taga saan kayo sa pinas?

Angelicaa* says:

Omqq. i played fOr like 5 mins. n gOt scared !. lOl the first persOn view and the game descriptiOn qOt tO me quick lOl. im sure this is a great game but im a lil fraidy-cat :( lOl.

raven says:

pls…gusto kong makita yung mga gost…

jong says:

ok lang d ko pa nmna lahat na laro to e

boy tarak says:

whats up ma’ nigga if you scared go to chruch. im scared i allready go to chruch.. boy tarak!!!!

Bella says:


seriously i kept on giving the URL to all of my friends..
haha! i was pretty amazed on the storyline, graphics and sounds..

and yeah, i did screamed few times LOL!

MICMCK says:

I have been trying for 3 days to load this game. Gets to 88% then freezes. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

Daniel Granatta says:

well, the stairs you go down into the first floor are 3 giant triangle doritos themselves, but i absolutely agree with the whole review :)

Heninah says:

this is not so FUNNY..! Hell, its very scary!! the scariest game i ever played

john says:

oh, please somebody help me, this game haunting me all the time, but i can help my self avoid to play it!!!

Marie says:

It’s really a scary game! but i still can’t stop playing it :)

clairelover says:

nilabasan ako claire.. akala ko ikaw yung maid dun sa cr…

claire says:

excuse me wala namang nangyari eh ang masasabe ko sa lahat nang tumingin KAYO AY UTO UTO HAHAHA

626rocks says:

my friends told me about it,and they told me that it was horrifying.they were soo right!i’ve watches it 3 times already!i love it!

diether says:

very scary movie

Mockingbird says:

i guess i would be better off not playing this scary game since i am a scaredy cat :p

melanie says:

it’s open from 6PM-6AM; not 6am-6pm.

dude says:

are you kidding? it was so scary, i could not bear to pass thru the second level.

pwet says:

uhhhhhh… ble. it sucks:| not scary at all.. :P:P:P

ichiban says:

a pc version of this game will seriously rock, the only question is who will develop it? perhaps frito lay’s can do it after all, considering how welll they did with this one.

titus says:

this game is seriously creepy, but at the same time addictive to play. I used the time change trick and it really worked. lol.