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Play Hotel 626 and get the shock of your life!  Online game Hotel 626 is one of the most popular horror genre game created by Snack Strong production to promote Doritos snacks. Hotel 626 the game is a creative, masterful and breathtaking gaming experience that is fun and scary at the same time. A second review of Hotel 626 is also available. Right after you have completed the “checking in” (register on www hotel 626 website sign in with name, email and password), you are quickly guide right into the opening video.

You are waiting to start to play Hotel 626: your character begins awakening, smack in the middle of the night, in your room at this mysterious hotel. Eerie and weird noises echo nearby. Your heart rate starts to quickens, and your gut feeling screams that you must leave this place as soon as possible. You dash into the hallway and the real moment to play Hotel 626 begins.

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Hotel 626 Game

Hotel 626 free online game is an impressive creative project that builds an atmosphere of immersion straight away into the situation. The adventure through the game takes you through ten different levels, each level is designed with a particular scary puzzle to solve or task to complete. Most of the levels when I play Hotel 626 range from very simple to easy, such as finding the right door. The advanced levels are more complex and involve solving codes and taking a photo of a ghost!

However even these are objectives are not hard or difficult to overcome when you play Hotel 626. The real obstacles are your own emotions as you play Hotel 626 against the spooky surrounding and creepy figures. Also if you spend too much time or screw up something when you play Hotel 626, the ending is an unpleasant one in the game.

Controlling that fear and adrenaline rush as you play Hotel 626 will be the key and most thrilling aspect of beating the game. Fortunately, if you fail and die, the game is gracious enough to invite you to try it again from the start or simply continue to the next stage.

hotel626 150x150 Play Hotel 626|Hotel 626 Online Game

Play Hotel 626

One of the strongest points of the Hotel 626 story is the creative efforts to ensure that you will experience deep immersion in the story. From the start, during sign up, you have the choice of bringing your webcam and microphone into the frame and these two elements will be accessed in the later stages. The website is developed completely on flash and as an added factor; your webcam can be used to check that you play Hotel 626 in the dark.

However you can also play Hotel 626 without the microphone or webcam, you’ll complete the 2 challenges using alternative methods.  For players in the United States, they can also enter their mobile numbers and get a unique phone message from a “friend” to help them.

The name of the game is due to the gimmick that it can only be played during night time of 6pm to 6am. However one Hotel 626 tips for any cheaters too scared or impatient to wait, the cheat is to change the time of your computer and you’ll gain access immediately to play Hotel 626.

The realism of the graphic makes you feel close to the situation within the place and the sound bites are downright chilling at times. One of my friends had to get me to sit beside him during the game and he was playing it during daytime. For the best experience, it is recommended that you have loudspeakers on and play Hotel 626 at night in the dark…and alone!

The most impressive stage for me when I play Hotel 626 lullaby  Level 5 with the baby lullaby challenge, I won’t spoil it for you but it involves a baby child and of course she’s not an ordinary baby girl.  Meanwhile the most difficult stage in my experience were Hotel 626 level 7 and level 8.

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Hotel 626 online game

Remember to be alert during cut scenes when you play Hotel 626, you have to pay close attention to spot and remember the hints that will assist in your progression and survival in the game.  A quick tip for Level 7 is that the door code is totally random and different each time so there is no fixed code! Also paying attention to the wall will help when you are trapped with the madman… J

This scary Hotel 626 game is suppose to promote Doritos Snacks, while I give thumbs up to the innovative campaign as i play Hotel 626, it’s hard to see the link between the game and the product, unless you’re suppose to have a snack or two while playing the game. For the interest of brand awareness, Doritos and Snack Strong have definitely succeeded in that aspect.

Is Hotel 626 scary? Definitely, I was seriously spooked on several occasions and resort to turning the volume down slightly. Friends who played the game have expressed similar reviews after they play Hotel 626.

Hotel 626 Youtube trailer


In summary, the game is awesome, visual and audio designs are outstanding, and achieve the fear element of the story. I recommend that you should play Hotel 626 as it’s one of the best online games you’ll come across and the sequel or follow up is bound to attract my game play. If you encounter problems with finding codes or solving levels, check out the guide for the Hotel 626 Game

This is definitely one to check out if you are into horror and scary movies.  Have you played games similar to hotel 626 or scary online games like hotel 626?  Play Hotel 626 and see if it’s the best you’ve experienced online.

 Play Hotel 626|Hotel 626 Online Game
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