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Many people listen to music, so why not get paid to review music with Slice the pie?  With the global economy taking a turn for the worse in recent months due to the credit crisis and raising oil prices, most people are struggling to cope with the situation. The Pokechild Editorial Team has decided to start a informative series- Money Mafia; for our community on earning extra income cash with the Slice The Pie review.

Not only will we bring you the best ways to earn extra income cash, we will also review and test out whether it really works. Lastly, we’ll include tips and tricks for you to maximize your cash earnings.

Slice The Pie UK

The first in our series is Slice The Pie Music. Slice The Pie UK is a  music website where you get paid to review music. That’s right, you give your review of the music tracks you listened to and you get paid to rate music. This is great for

-Wannabe American Idol Judges, who fancy themselves as the next Simon Cowell

– People who enjoy giving their views on music

A bonus is that if you are a indie artist or band, Slice The Pie is a pretty good way to get funding for your album production.

So how does this work? And is it for real or a scam?

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Slice The Pie Scam

The answer is yes. Pokechild has tested and can verified that Slice the Pie is a legit way that pays out for reviewing the music tracks on their website.  So for those wondering if Slice the Pie scam is true or not, rest easy. We manage to withdraw payment successfully through Paypal  from Slice The Pie a few times already without any problems.  There is also a Slice The Pie forum where the scouts and artists gather to discuss and share ideas and views.

Firstly, Slice The Pie indie music artist will sign up and send in their best music tracks for entry to the monthly contest where the winner artist get a recording fund. Up to 1000 artists is allowed to sign up for the contest and then the contest begins.

Then you will determine the winning artist by reviewing the Slice The Pie music tracks send in by the artists and rate them as well as provide a review to get paid to review music. For every track you review, you get paid to review music by providing useful reviews, comments and score rating from 0 to 10 for each track you listened to. The quality of music varies from poor to average to very good and there are many genres of music.

The top 20 artists will advance to the next round known by Slice The Pie UK as “The Showcase” where a voting will be held to determine the final winner of the contest.

How Much You Can Earn To Get Paid To Review Music

“Scout” is the term for the slice the pie music fans who get paid to review music and you are determine as being a 1 star to 5 star scout which affect how much you get paid to review music per track you review. The following is a summary of the different payment structure from 1 star to 5 star scouting. Slice the Pie vouchers are also given out along with cash.

Note: The Slice The Pie Payment is made in UK Pounds £, to find out how much the earnings will convert to your country currency, simply use currency converter.

Slice The Pie Scout payment:
· 1 Star Scout (£0.03 per track)
· 2 Star Scout (£0.05 per track)
· 3 Star Scout (£0.07 per track)
· 4 Star Scout (£0.09 per track)
· 5 Star Scout (£0.12 per track)

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How You Get Paid by Slice The Pie and get paid to review music

Slice The Pie pays by Paypal ONLY and you need a minimum earning of £5 to withdraw earning payment from your account on Slice The Pie.

How To Maximize Earning As You get paid to rate music

First you will have to minimize Paypal transaction fee, set up a Paypal account under Personal Account to receive payment for free and set your primary currency to the currency you want to convert it to eventually.

What you don’t want is to convert the currency twice when getting paid by Slice The Pie. For example, if you are living in the USA, but you set your primary paypal currency set to Euros, you will end up converting the payment from UK pounds to Euros, then when you withdraw to your U.S bank account, you will convert the payment from Euros to U.S dollars.

What you should do instead is setting the currency straight to U.S dollars (or whatever currency you eventually withdraw the funds to) . By setting the currency in US Dollars will only trigger a 2.5% currency converting fee by Paypal from UK pounds to US dollars one time. Then you can directly withdraw it to your US Bank account.

The second thing is to improve your Scout Star Rating. What determine your Slice The Pie Star Rating?

Slice The Pie Tips –  Accuracy

Your Scout Slice The Pie Accuracy is a score of how Closely your rating Score of music tracks matched that of the other Scouts and affects how much you get paid to review music. For example, if you rate a track “Jimmy had a dream” 5 out of 10 and most of the other scouts rate  10 out of 10, this will affect your scout accuracy negatively. On the other hand, if you rate a track “A Milk Every Night” 8 out of 10 and the majority of the other scouts also rate it 8 out of 10 , you will increase your Scout Accuracy.

To find out your Scout Accuracy, Slice The Pie provides a Facebook application located on the right side of the Scouting page. Another way is to change your country of location in your scouting profile to a country that is relatively obscure, and you will see your Scout Slice The Pie Accuracy score in the top 10 scout ranking of that country.

Slice The Pie Scout Accuracy is a score out of 100%.

The best way to get a accurate scoring? Score most of the tracks from 4 to 7. The reason is that most tracks will fall into this range of score and other scouts rate in this range too.

3- Really poor

4- Slightly below average

5- Average

6- Slightly above average

7- Possible consideration for the Showcase

8- A must for showcase

Slice The Pie tips for reviewing is that you will review alot of tracks that will fall in the raneg fo 4 to 7 score. Occasionally you will review really bad tracks that you can give 3 or 4 and also  stand out tracks that you can give 7 ot 8.

Getting the majority of your Slice The Pie accuracy align with that of the other scouts is a simple Slice The Pie tactic method and is probably the number 1 factor to determine your Slice The Pie Star Rating.

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Slice The Pie Tactics – Slice The Pie Review Length

So what do you write about to get paid to review music on Slice The Pie? Remember you have to write constructive and useful reviews that will allow the artists to know their strengths, weakness and ways to improve. Also to progress your Star Rating, you review also have to be of a certain length or you will not progress. This means if you do 100 reviews of 1 sentence, you will still be stuck as a 1 Star Scout.

The optimal length is at least 4 lines. 4 lines means filling out the gray box in which you write your Slice the Pie review completely.  So what do you write?

- Song Structure and Arrangement

Example: The opening of the song was attention getting.

- Melody and Lyrics Written

Example: The Melody was easy to connect with but the lyrics can be improved as it lacked a strong chorus.

- Ways it can be improved

Example: The vocal need to be more dynamic and better in rhythm.

- How the song will be received by fans of the genre

Example: This track with it’s aggressive screaming and ripping guitar licks will be very popular with fans of Rock.

- Did you enjoy the track and how it made you feel?

Example: The track was a pleasure to review and i really enjoyed listening to it.

- Did it stand out

Example: This track didn’t stand out from the rest of the tracks and come off as uninspired and lacking in originality.

- Tightness of the performance

Example: The song was well mixed and the coordination of the band was very smooth.

As you can see, alot of things can be written just to fill out the small gray box and get paid to review music . Do not be overly critical on Slice The Pie UK unless it is constructive or the song is really terrible. Try to suggest constructive ways to improve the music along with one positive sentence of encouragement. Remember that you get paid to review music and it’s nothing personal.

Do not say "You should die of AIDS and then get your ashes flushed down a toilet for this horrible track."  Instead say " This song really needs alot of improvement as you would need to work on your music technical areas such as melody and rhythm and ……"

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Slice The Pie Tips – Amount of tracks reviewed

The last factor that affect how much you get paid to review music is how many tracks you have reviewed on Slice The Pie already. Assuming you have a good accuracy score and length for your slice the pie music reviews, you will get a higher Scout Rating once you reviewed a certain amount of tracks.

You will need to listen to each track for at least 60 seconds in order to get paid to review music on Slice The Pie UK.  To maximize your time, while listening to the track, open “Notepad” or any other writing program on your PC. Write your thoughts as you listen to the Slice The Pie music track, once the 60 seconds is up, copy and paste what you have written from “Notepad” into the gray review box on the Slice the pie.

Another Slice The Pie tactic to take note is that Slice the Pie tracking system updates every hour and this means that track reviews you submit during the hour mark will not be submitted and you will get a  message telling you to review the next track as the reviewed was not submitted successfully. So avoid reviewing slice the pie music tracks around the hour mark, example 5:58 pm  to 6.03 pm so that you will still get paid to review music. Taking a break during this period is a good idea anyway.

So assuming you give a proper review of the right length and have a high slice the pie accuracy score, how many tracks do you need to review to raise the Slice The Pie Scout Star Rating?

1 Star- 0 tracks

2 Star- 50 Tracks

3 Star – 250 Tracks

4 Star – 1500 Tracks

5 Star – 10000 Tracks

How Much Can You Earn with Slice The Pie

Assuming you get paid to review music 10 music tracks per day on Slice The Pie , in one month you can earn

Slice The Pie Scout payment:
· 1 Star Scout (£0.03 per track)  =
· 2 Star Scout (£0.05 per track)  =
· 3 Star Scout (£0.07 per track)  =
· 4 Star Scout (£0.09 per track)  =
· 5 Star Scout (£0.12 per track) =
£ 36

Of course you can always do more than 10 tracks and get paid to rate music. While this won’t become a full time income for you , it is a fun way to earn some extra cash, especially for music fans who want to get paid to review music.  Visit Slice The Pie website to get paid to review music

Slice The Pie Music Thinkbox:

Are you a Scout of Slice The Pie already?

1) What Star level are you on and what is your Slice The Pie Accuracy Score?

2) How many tracks did you review to raise in Scout Star Rating?

3)  What is your most common Slice The Pie review score range which enable you maintain High Accuracy Rating?

That’s it for our slice the pie review and have fun as you get paid to review music.

 Slice The Pie Review | Slice The Pie Tips
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Connor says:

I’m always at the computer reviewing music. I have a library of hundreds of all types of music. I want to be a music producer. I want to start as a music reviewer. I will not however put money up front for any job.

shzainzy says:

I am a member of slice the pie already. And I was just wondering, do you have to request for a payment if you have reached the minimum or you’ll just have to send a request? I just have joined the site and started reviewing the songs. Please do let me know. :)